Tuesday, 28 June 2011

A wise old owl once said......................

Don't let that crazy woman sew my eyes on as I look weird!!!!
A weird few weeks really, not just the eyes.  My cat was poorly for a fair few days in the vets and I was unable to make a local craft fair.  Then, I fell in love with the little black cat opposite her in the vets (the ward!) and we rescued her and subsequently not much creativity has occurred!!
She loves yarn as you can see!  So I have battle with her over it!

Jewellery is a no no with her around as she is a monster and would go for the beads!!

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

A new magic trick!

I had a pile of jeans waiting to be taken up (3 in fact) so after the long drive home I decided to take the bull by the horns and tackle them and I managed it thanks to "DaciaRay" http://www.daciaray.com/?p=38 which has a tutorial on hemming jeans in a way I didn't even know existed, keeping the original hem line so they don't look taken up!
Over the moon, I feel like a magician!!
Try it and you will be converted!

Sunday, 5 June 2011

A creative week plus lots of R & R!

No postings this week, even though I had intended to document my crafty goings on.  You know what it is like, with one thing and another, time gets taken doing bits and bobs and before you know it there is none left....................time that is!
Started to make things for my fair on 18th June and we did a couple of "crafty visits" for supplies too.  I will be sorting out photos very soon.  My website is also still being done which is great as it looks ace and my new strawberry labels have arrived - all of my items will now have a strawberry label which I am very excited about.  So it is all go, go, go here. I am really missing my square a day in may but cant' wait to finish that after the fair.  My wrist is still very sore so I think it maybe helping if I lay off the hooks and needles for a while, even though my new books from the "twenty to make" range have arrived and I love trying out the things in there to help inspire me and help perfect certain techniques.
Just so you know that I am still being creative and that I appreciate you reading my ramblings!
Thanks and look out for my pics and facebook updates soon with new stock!