Monday, 28 March 2011


Hi all,
What a crafty weekend, I spent loads of money (far too much!) at the Hobbycraft event at the NEC but have some great project ideas and can't wait to get them going, roll on the easter hols!
In the meantime, with a few bits and pieces I picked up I am knitting through a list of bits and pieces for my lovely friends and their tots!
I have posted a picture of him on my facebook page and am asking people for names, bless him, will pick one very soon!
The bags are still ongoing and lots of things happening at once here at Creative Strawberry towers along with working full time and trying to have a social life!  Some may say it is sad but you crafters out there will know that there is never enough time to make stuff and have fun crafting!!!!

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Evening project finished

Thanks to and their "strozzi" pattern, the leaf necklace evening project of mine was finished today as a gift for a poorly friend of mine,hope it cheers her up!

A plan coming together.................

Well a couple of things have brightened my day today, one of which was the fact that the heavens did not open like the weatherman predicted and the other was that I can see one of my creative ideas coming together.....

This was the prototype and first attempt at the creative strawberry label that I will have on all of my knitted or sewn creations.  Whilst it was a lovely strawb, I decided I liked it best without the yellow pips and I wanted the name on the back and so this is the finished piece.
This is the side that will appear on the front of the bag (with the longer bit sewn into the seam of the bag)

This is the reverse of that and will be seen from the back, all hand made and all exactly what I wanted for my bags made from scratch!

Here is a peek at the start of the first clutch bag in the range, I am inspired by "irregular choice" shoes and bags and love the fact that they are original and different which is why I started to design and create my own stuff in the first place - to have stuff that was original, unusual and different to the "norm".

Here it is with the label as it will be...

Watch this space for the finished piece at Creative Strawberry Towers!
I will be uploading general pattern and info when it is complete (haven't quite worked it out myself yet!)

Saturday, 19 March 2011

How exciting!

Just testing whether this link from my phone means I can write on my blog and attach pics!
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1st successful crochet flower with petals

Thanks to I have mastered the flower yay!

The sewing machine is warming up!

About 8 months ago when I really started to throw myself into this crafty stuff I bought a sewing machine, today was the first time I have managed to use it successfully, (I did take it back to tell them it was broken within a few weeks of buying it but I was threading it wrong!!)
So the bag plans are getting nearer and I do know that my machine works, all I need to do now is to start the bags and learn how to line them.  I will posts my stages on here as I go through and pics of course.
Stage 1 - mastering the machine is complete!

Friday, 18 March 2011

Friday Feeling

Yay, it is the weekend and what a surreal day!  I ended up teaching as Vicky Pollard from Little Britain as there was not time to change after the Comic relief staff concert!  It took a couple of hours to shake the make-up and accent and I am back to my creative self!!
Today saw the arrival of a huge order of "fuzzy"wool and lining material for my new clutch bag range idea, watch this space ...... I can't wait to put my idea into reality!
Just had a brain wave for labels (strawberry ones!) too - ooohhh yes this is crafty and I love it!

Wednesday, 16 March 2011


Just watching Chris Moyles' effort for a world record radio show marathon!  Anyone fancy a knit-a-thon for charity?????

The "evening" project this week

Working as a teacher during the day and being completely worn out, I still like to work on something in the evening to keep my creativity ticking, oh and to relax.  I found a great pattern on for a knitted leaf necklace, what do you think so far? A lovely colour yarn I think!!

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Planning my weekend's creativity

I love being creative and love to make jewellery with wire or beads, knit and now crochet to make unusual things. I also love polymer clay charms but I love so much and wonder what to dedicate my Saturday to!  Working in the week I would like to think of the lovely things I can make on the weekend, hmmmmm..............??

Monday, 14 March 2011

Hello and welcome to my first blog where I can share my Creative Strawberry adventures!

What I have been thinking is that I really want a way to share my ideas and thoughts with other like-minded people, have a bit of banter, chat and inspiration so here goes...................