Sunday, 20 March 2011

A plan coming together.................

Well a couple of things have brightened my day today, one of which was the fact that the heavens did not open like the weatherman predicted and the other was that I can see one of my creative ideas coming together.....

This was the prototype and first attempt at the creative strawberry label that I will have on all of my knitted or sewn creations.  Whilst it was a lovely strawb, I decided I liked it best without the yellow pips and I wanted the name on the back and so this is the finished piece.
This is the side that will appear on the front of the bag (with the longer bit sewn into the seam of the bag)

This is the reverse of that and will be seen from the back, all hand made and all exactly what I wanted for my bags made from scratch!

Here is a peek at the start of the first clutch bag in the range, I am inspired by "irregular choice" shoes and bags and love the fact that they are original and different which is why I started to design and create my own stuff in the first place - to have stuff that was original, unusual and different to the "norm".

Here it is with the label as it will be...

Watch this space for the finished piece at Creative Strawberry Towers!
I will be uploading general pattern and info when it is complete (haven't quite worked it out myself yet!)


  1. fantastic hon, loving the label - great logo :) having finished my wacky tea cosy,I've now moved onto something new. The yarn is fantastic, It's called "Sirdar, fair isle effect" - the pattern creates as you knit, it's truly amazing!! lol. Anyways it's beddy byes time for me, just popped by to say hi and I think your blog is fabuloooooos :) xx

  2. Got a load of Sirdar fizz recently ,loving the Sirdar. Love the fair isle stuff,got some from a show last year. Hoping to find some ace stuff at the big show in brum this weekend too - u ever been?

  3. Hiya, I lova the Sirdar too :D - I'm going to the show this Sat, I won tickets so taking my mum :) might see you there xx