Friday, 29 April 2011

A square a day in May!

Hi all, I saw this on a great blog Hooked on Handmade and am sharing it as I am going to get involved too!
Fancy it, come on?
All details are on the blog!

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Mediterranean madness!

Well, I made it round the med, on flights and a cruise ship with my bamboo crochet hooks and my sewing kit with useless scissors! I managed not to get any of confiscated for being "dangerous" and actually managed to start a couple of projects!  Crocheting on a cruise ship at reasonable speed (lets not get "knotted" and technical lol!!) is not as easy as I thought in the breeze!  Especially while crocheting a pattern requiring, well what I ended up with, 5 small balls of yarn! I opted then for some basic granny squares to start my Mario blanket, a pattern I found on "Ravelry", 11 squares down, 241 to go according to the pattern!!
My progress..... a while to go yet!

The other project is still all tangled post-suitcase so expect that soon!

Well, my trip - I started (and finished) in Venice, famous for it's Murano glass and I picked up a few items that I loved while I was there:
As you can imagine, my favourite find, the glass strawberries!!
Some sweets with no sugar content!
A wine stopper!
Some grapes I was going to use on necklaces - what do you think?
A Bag hook, a stylish way to keep your bag off the floor!
The trusty old paperweight - what a gorgeous pattern!
Now that is what I call a quirky pendant!
After Venice, is was off on our travels around the med, Santorini was our third stop and is is the basin of a volcano so I got some beads made of Lava rock and thought I could make them the focal pieces for some necklaces and bracelets - even lava bead earrings?  Any suggestions or ideas are also welcome fellow crafters!!
Here are the sizes I got:

These are lovely and you can even see the small air bubbles which have formed in the rock!  They will look great against other colour beads too!
I have one week left to try and get crafty, I have such a back log and not long until I am back to work so I had better get off and crafting!
Feel free to make comments on my finds and make suggestions on the lava beads or grapes.
Bye for now, CS <3

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Easter hols Mediterranean creativity!

Well, the sun is shining on the first weekend of the Easter hols and I am finally all packed for some Mediterranean creativity.  Starting in Venice and then round the Med for a few days!  I am now armed with yarn, fun patterns and my mini sewing kit with crochet hooks!!!  I hope to come back with many pics of my fab hol and lots of ideas and fun creations!  I am feeling computer games inspired with a Mario bedspread and bag that I found from some other creators on Ravelry (I love Ravelry - the knit and crochet community - it inspires me every day!) and the angry birds plushies to start when I am away (providing it all fits in my case of course)!!  (I bet I am fed up of the sight of angry birds now I have charged my ipod ready for the plane!!
Happy Easter to all and I will post my pics when I return rejuvenated and full of creativity!

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Facebook giveaway!

Fellow bloggers and creative folk!  I will be doing a giveaway if I reach 500 fans on my facebook page Creative Strawberry by Easter weekend so have a look on there at some of my other creations too!!
Over and out!

Long time but good news!

What a few weeks it has been!!  I got a new job for a September start this week which is awesome and I can't wait!  And................drum roll of my knitted items won runner up for "Let's knit" magazine and is in this months edition!  I am very proud considering I could not knit until last summer and I think it is great so I have to show it off!

Here is the item:

And here is a pic of it in the Magazine!!!!!!!
So published and a new job, don;t they say things happen in three's?????
Watch this space!!!!
Lots of things to plan while on the Easter holidays, loads of projects I need to finish and then start especially while I am on my cruise holiday relaxing, yay!!!