Friday, 5 August 2011

I'm a back! - Giveaway to celebrate!

Oh my life! Where has time gone?  Where have my crafts gone?  Where has spare time gone?
So much has happened in the last month I can't even think!  I finished at my current school and start another in sept, we are moving an office from the house into an office block, the bathroom is being done, the house is up to it's eyes and we have been on holiday for a week in between!! Loads of hols and visits planned for the 6 weeks and I find myself here, in the midst of the hols, no blogs not many WIPs and loads of ideas with what feels like no time!!
I managed to get some awesome bits in Spain last week, some great bags and gifts for people who buy things  - in fact I can feel a giveaway coming on to share my gorgeous finds!
Log onto my facebook page Creative Strawberry and "like" the giveaway comment to be entered.  I will randomly select the winner from those who like the comment on Sunday 7th August at 8pm and a little gift will wing it's way tot he lucky winner!
I am so inspired by those blogs and people I follow and can only wonder how they fit it all in so here is a pledge to do so!!
Can anyone out there inspire me with how to get back on track with my crafty goings on?

Looking forward to hearing your words of inspiration!

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