Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Northern inspiration!

While the school hols started and the weather looked "canny" (good, my new geordie language), me and BFF took a trip up to the bright lights of Newcastle and to see her fab parents and grand parents! It's been of inspiration which I didn't expect! In 3 days do far I have melted, frozen and shivered with blazin sun, rain, sleet and snow and then a bitter wind, which have all inspired me to make some "extreme" pieces for my Jewellery party next week! I'm gonna be creating some "very me" pieces in order to convey the idea of this extreme weather and how individual and funky the northern people are!
We are up here for girlie retail therapy and we r all shopped out a day early and I am full of ideas and energy to get crafting on my return. Decoden has been a main focus whirring around in my mind and button Jewellery for a quirky vintage feel, yet very individual and unique.
It will all start on Friday in my recently tidied and spring cleaned craft room aka the conservatory! Watch this space!

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