Sunday, 29 May 2011

Exciting times!

Well, after a couple of weeks being really busy at work and being poorly, I am back on it.
I have just ordered my brand new business cards so they should be here in 2 weeks and my website is being re-designed as we speak!  yay!
I have a week off work (half term) so I will focusing on my jewellery projects and items for a fair I am doing on June 18th, I am starting to think very summery, fruity - loving the fact that fruits are in the shops as it exactly the sort of bold, bright and fun jewellery that I love, my bank balance doesn't though!
My website will feature this blog and feature things that I make and people will have the chance to buy stock items or suggest items that I could make for them.  It will be a place where people can see what I do and what I am about.  I like to share my work and ideas and love to say thanks to people that have helped and inspired me along the  way.  It is tough when I am working full-time and being "creative strawberry" on the side but it is what I really love to do.  I have been side tracked and totally addicted to knitting and crochet rather than where I came from and started with a jewellery as about a year ago and I want to get back into making unusual and funky items!
I am taking a break from "A square a day in May" until my fair is finished but I can't wait to get back to it and complete my blanket which I think will look awesome and so fun!
The bank holiday weekend starts a week of creativity here for me so feel free to tell me what you are up to and make suggestions.  All of my jewellery pictures are in albums on my facebook page and I am always open to new ideas and inspiration so have a look!
I will update you in the week............. enjoy the bank holiday weekend!

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