Sunday, 8 May 2011

Slowly but surely.......

Well not quite the 8 squares it should be but I have now completed squares 3 and 4, I loved square 4, it was very easy to make.  As I am only using DK yarn I should probably use a smaller hook than 6mm but now I have started that way I should probably finish due to the sizes but hey, this is all about learning!
Also, my little baby got injured today and we have been at the vets tonight, look at my poorly bear!


  1. Pretty squares! :)

    Poor kitty! :(

  2. Great job on the squares. love the colors of the Blooming flower and I adore cats.

  3. Thanks. am getting there, like I said somewhere on here, I think I am using a larger hook than I should cos of my weight yarn but now if I change it the size will go wonky! Anyways, I am happy with them!
    Thanks, my cat Muddle is a character, always getting into scrapes and at vets but is really sorry for himself today as he is not allowed out!